Peek into my studio

I think it is fun to peek into any artists studio and I decided to give you a peek into mine.

I make everything at home and I have many hiding places for my materials. Every crafty person knows how easy it is to collect a mountain of stuff to your home and enjoy every bit of it. I actually took out every pouch, box, string, button and envelope I have ever collected and decided to rearrange them. Basically it took me the whole day but it was totally worth it!

Enjoy the pictures:

My bookmarks. I packed them all in small plastic
 bags and made a  box for them after taking this picture.

I always have some items waiting to be packed on top of our terrarium.

I love this corner shelf and i use it to keep my glues and other small things in there. 

My next big project. These are huge polymer clay beads
that I will use to make one very big necklace.
Somehow I really like big show off necklaces!

I often sit on this bench in our balcony especially when I am sanding something. 

This is my kitchen table when I am having one of my 'let's clay up' -sessions!

My teddybears are cute and huggable.

I use these plastic bags for packing many things, like these bookmarks. 

A cat bookmark, brush and my waterproof lacquer.

I have a shelf with many small lockers in the kitchen. They're full of my materials etc.
And yes they're pizza taxi numbers on my fridge door... :D

This is how I pack my earrings for safe keeping. 

I use recycled yoghurt buckets for storing my polymer clay.
It is handy because  they have lids too and they stack nicely.