New packaging and a new selling venue for Nellin Shoppi

New packaging for my Nellin Shoppi bookmarks and jewelry was direly needed. The previous papers I used were out of stock for a long time and I was kind of bored at white paper. I headed out to the local paper store and picked out four different kind of grey and midtone papers for testing the package designs I had come up with at home. In the end I chose the medium grey acid free paper. I also made some business cards from tags. Stamping is so much fun! The stamp I bought from an Etsy shop that makes them by hand (best purchase _ever_!!).

I was contacted by Susanna from the local shop named Taikarasia and asked if I would want to sell my items there. Well, of course I took my bookmarks and jewelry there. The shop is very cute! I am so happy to get my items there. I was also asked to make a fun crafty event 2nd of May but it's still being planned!

This picture was taken from the Facebook page of Taikarasia. 

Taikarasia also updated their facebook page yesterday and uploaded pictures of my items there. Here they are: