A rainy day

It's raining today. I really wanted to take Kaveri to the dog park but I won't because it is raining heavily. Here are some pictures taken from my window and balcony. The rain started maybe half an hour ago and it is coming in bursts. Really feels like the fall is here and summer is finally gone I admit! 


What's new!

So it's been a while since I posted anything. I have been super busy working in Putinki since their graphic designer quit the job totally and I have been making all the very late xmas calendar designs and cards. This week has been all about 9 hours days and little else. Today I actually finished the calendars! Woo! Yay I was so happy to finish them! Who knew that making X-mas calendars require so many layers for printing... 

Anyway, I bet you guys are dying to read about the Helsinki Kädentaitomessut and how did it go! Well, it actually went allright. There weren't many people coming to the fair tho this time and I personally think it is because there were many big events during that weekend and Design market had over 20 000 visitors. I made some nice connections and some sales so it was all good for me! 

I did learn that the finnish buyers are the type who only look from a distance and that we don't want to present our stand this way: 

Instead this worked A LOT BETTER:

My bookmarks and cute earrings sold nicely and I am now in the process of making more penguins and owls for my earrings. I also have many custom designs avaiting to be made this weekend. I also need to design more dog earrings for Koirakahvila Vainu (dog cafe in Tampere). 

Here are some more pictures from the fair: