Ofelia market is coming 8.12!

Ofelia market is turning 5 years this year. Its a lovely, small market in the heart of Helsinki. Admission is free and the seller spots are around 50-60 euros. It is held in the Kulttuuri Areena Gloria

This year I am going there with someone I got to know from The Finland Handcrafters Team in Etsy. It's great to get to know new people trough those Teams. She also makes some polymer clay items, aswell as scarfs etc. I will be bringing my polymer clay jewelry and some new items. Hopefully I will have lots of zipper pulls with me this year! 

Ofelia market; Arts and crafts and second hand treasures
8.12.2013 sunday from 12-19.


Here are some pictures Google found for me with the keyword 'ofelia market'


Auction for homeless dogs - Huutokauppa kodittomien koirien hyväksi

I decided to take part in this Christmas auction for homeless dogs. Some of you might know I have a rescue dog at home so they are really close to my heart. Nellin Shoppi gave three bookmarks for this auction. There are many different designers giving items for this auction and it is a good way to find christmas presents! 


Halusin osallistua tähän jouluiseen huutokauppaan lahjoittamalla sinne kolme Nellin Shoppin kirjanmerkkiä. Minulla on kotona oma rescue koira ja mielelläni autan ja osallistun näihin hyväntekeväisyyshommiin kun vain voin. Tästä huutokaupasta löytyy erittäin ihania lahjaideoita ja osa halvemmalla kuin ovh! Käykääpäs huutelemassa.




DIY Easy candle holders

This tutorial shows how to make really easy and nice looking candle holders! These are also easy to make with children. 

Glasses that fit a small candle inside them easily (recycled are great!)
Basic glue (I use Erikeeper)
Sea salt

I used these materials.

This kind of a glass is perfect for a candle holder.
I bought this for 0,20 euros in a recycling center. 

Paint some glue on the glass with the brush and then drop the seasalt on top the glue.
It is better to use a lot of glue so the seasalt sticks well.
You can also make different patterns, such as stripes or hearts.

Let the glasses dry well so the glue becomes transparent,
then roll the glasses gently in your hand to drop of the excess salt off.

Drop the candle inside and voila! Ready to use :)


New in Nellin Shoppi; zipper pulls!

I managed to make my first batch of zipper pulls this weekend. Can't wait to post them so here is the very first picture! I will add these four my Etsy shop as soon as I have the time to photograph them properly. 


Custom dog necklace and earrings

I got two custom orders from Job for Dogs company. Their company color is orange. The earrings were asked as 'orangish brown' and the necklace 'orange'. These were worn in Haureka happening in Heureka, but so far I haven't received any images of them in use there! Hopefully I will get some pictures later.

This pair of earrings turned out pretty cute! 

This is the picture I received to make the earrings from.
The earrings were asked to be the head of the dog only.

The other custom work was to make a totally orange dog necklace based on a picture of her own dog. This necklace is one of my all time favorites!

This is the picture I received.

Want to have your own necklace or earrings made? Send me a convo in Etsy or email me! 


Button workshop with polymer clay

I am having a polymer clay button workshop in Madeby Helsinki store on 28.9.2013. Anyone is welcome to join the workshop any time! Workshop is open from 12-15 and it costs 15 euros to participate (you can pay with a credit card or cash). You can make 8 buttons with the price (extra buttons 2e per one).  You don't need to bring anything yourself, because I will bring all the needed materials. Price also includes tea or coffee. 

You can press polymer clay buttons with different fabrics, make 3d buttons by hand or just enjoy mixing pretty colors together. These buttons are very easy to create with children aswell! 


These buttons have been patterned with lace.


Striped earrings

Feeling the urge to make something totally new for my shop, I created a set of striped earrings. I also snatched a pair for myself... :P I was surprised how light and fun looking these are. Let me know what you think!

You can find some of them in my Etsy shop.