Custom dog necklace and earrings

I got two custom orders from Job for Dogs company. Their company color is orange. The earrings were asked as 'orangish brown' and the necklace 'orange'. These were worn in Haureka happening in Heureka, but so far I haven't received any images of them in use there! Hopefully I will get some pictures later.

This pair of earrings turned out pretty cute! 

This is the picture I received to make the earrings from.
The earrings were asked to be the head of the dog only.

The other custom work was to make a totally orange dog necklace based on a picture of her own dog. This necklace is one of my all time favorites!

This is the picture I received.

Want to have your own necklace or earrings made? Send me a convo in Etsy or email me!