How to make cat earrings from polymer clay

Here is how to make cute polymer clay cat earring studs for you or someone you love!

You need:
Black and yellow polymer clay
one pair of earrings studs
4 jewelry pins
round jewelry pliers

Make the face of the cat. Starting with same size
 balls is easy to flatten out as a face.

Add two feet. I used a wooden stick to create the toes.
Add yellow spots as background for the eyes.

Roll some polymer clay so it has a sharp end.
Then cut the end with a wooden stick.
Keep in mind you only need a tiny little bit of polymer clay.

This is what you should have now.

Roll the clay gently with your finger to make it more oval.

Use a stick to insert the eye in the middle of the yellow part of the eye.
Make a small oval body on  a jewelry pin like in this picture.
 Add two oval feet in the lower part of the body, use the wooden stick to help create toes for the legs.

Make a small clay ball and stick a jewelry pin inside it,
then roll the clay between your fingers to create a tail for the cat.
You now have three parts for each cat: the head, the tail and the body. 

Fire the cat parts in an oven heated to 130 celcius for 30 minutes.
Cut the tails jewelry pin shorter and bend it with jewelry
pliers to attach the tail to the body like in this picture.

Now cut the jewelry pin in the body shorter and
bend it inside/around the lock of the stud earring. You cat body is now ready!

Glue the stud on to the cats head.
Use a superglue so strong that you cannot pull the pieces apart.
 I use Loctite superglue.

The front!

The back!

The side!

I hope you enjoyed this how to :)

Thanks for looking!