Making a fair stand

I love to find and tune new items to make my fair stand prettier and more practical. I was trying to upload some photos from my phone but it somehow didn't work at all so I have to show the pictures that I have uploaded on Facebook. Sorry for that, I will try to update them later on!

Mostly I find the props from drift stores and flea markets. Lately I found a lovely and rare, old window frame that has white and wood color brown on it. I put a white net canvas on the background with some nails and glue and it works very well with my earrings. it can also be used to show other things if you use magnets to attach items from both sides (displaying for example some necklaces on that is something to keep in mind if I ever run out of earrings...)

Old stand was brown, now I painted it white.
white :)
Window frame earring stand.

After finding that window frame I totally decided my stand would be a combination of white and wooden brown props. It was easy to look for other items to accompany the window frame, something that would have the same spirit. Take a look of what I found and how the stand looked like last weekend in the Spring sales.


I also found the necklace stand from a fleamarket for 3 euros. It's made of brown wood but I used regular white acrylic paint to make it white.  The bookmark stand was also brown and I painted that too to match my new style. Im very happy with this new look!


Polymer clay earring workshop

I was asked to hold a polymer clay workshop in Taikarasia on 2.3.2013. There was also a happening named Silmä, pisto, Tikki, takki -Keittiönperäyrittäjien käsityö ja -tarvikemarkkinat in Kiseleffin talo when I had the workshop. The overall feeling in Kiseleffin talo is definately something to see and feel! 

I decided the theme of my workshop would be simple and easy so anyone could take part in it. By using lace on polymer claywe created cute and simple earrings. I really liked to run this workshop and was honored to be asked to hold one. I will definately do it again! Here's some shots for you to enjoy!

The fimo collection and some sample earrings!
The process was easy enough for children too :)

Some earrings got used immediately!