How to make lace patterned polymer clay earrings

Lace patterned polymer clay earrings 

Lately I have been working on multiple new ideas for my shop. I decided to make these pretty detailed earrings when I first had a workshop about printing patterns on polymer clay with fabrics. These earrings are most likely going to be a regular part of my shop, as well as some nice buttons made with the same technique. The technique itself is pretty easy and also doable with children. This technique works on hanging earrings as well as stud ones and of course buttons.

Hanging polymer clay earrings with a lace pattern.

This post shows you how to make these earrings.

What you need: 
Polymer clay (pick the color you like!)
2 jewelry pins with a loop
1 piece of lace or other patterned fabric
1 small piece of baking paper
jewelry pliers with a round top
One pair of earring hooks

other: oven

1. Warm the polymer clay by rolling it in your hands. 
2. Make two balls that are approximately the same size. 
3. Put a jewelry pin inside the ball and squeeze it a bit to make it flatter.

Jewelry pin pushed inside the clay.
4. Put the polymer clay shape on a smooth surface (covered with a small piece of baking paper that fits both earrings on it) and flatten it more with your finger. Make sure you keep it as round as possible (unless you want another shape).

Do not move the polymer clay from the baking paper after you have done the flattening. It will loose the shape if you try to remove it.

You want the earrings to match so try making them the
same size. 

5. Pick a patterned fabric or lace and put it on the top of your polymer clay shape. Tap the fabric gently and evenly (to keep the shape as much as possible). Repeat the pattern on both earrings.

You can check what part of the pattern you want to
 use by modelling it on top of the polymer clay like this.
Tap gently and evenly.

You can tell the pattern is good when the smaller strings look
like they're going inside the  polymer clay.
Remove the lace gently.
Make the other earring match the first one.
Ready for the oven! 

6. Bake your earrings as said in your polymer clay package. 
7. Cut the jewelry pin (leave on about 1cm in length to make a spot for attaching the polymer clay shape to your earring hook)-
8. Make a loop out of the jewelry pin that is left in your earring. Attach it to the earring hook. READY! :)


Try pressing your fabric on the polymer clay to figure out  how much pressure you need to get the best pattern.

It is also possible to paint the polymer clay after baking. It's a good idea to use darker colors on the deep pressing marks and lighter colors on the top of the pattern to create a 3D feeling.

Keep washing your hands to keep the clay clean from dust and other dirt. You can also wear gloves if you want.

If your pattern isn't as good as you would like you can just roll the clay to a ball and go again. :)

Thank you for reading!