Midsummer wedding!

My husbands brother got married to Kate, the most beautiful bride ever! Here are the pictures I managed to snap between everything else going on. I wasn't the actually photographer so I only took a few shots.

The day was a perfectly sunny sunday on 23.06.2013.

First I will show you all the important moments, then some extra pictures!

The Kiss.


Lovely laughter!

Wedding dance.

Prettiest bride and me!

Messing around :)

Food was great!

Loved the salad.
Enjoying the sun. It was a beautiful day!
Some quests taking pictures.


Wedding accessories

I made these accessorien for the weeding I am attending this sunday. I am wearing a dark blue (vintage like) polka dot dress with these. Maybe I will get some pictures taken with the dress on too, well see!

These are also my first attempts for a bracelet and a headband.

Bracelet is made with polymer clay and some jewelry metal parts. This is also adjustable for different sized hands. My hand is fairly thick so I need that adjusting possibility.

My friend agreed to pose here. Thanks Ella!  

Used some polka dot pattern in this too so they will match my dress!

UPDATE 30.06.2013

Here is the bride and me with my headband, earrings and bracelet.


Making polymer clay stud earrings and added some new colors!

Here are some pictures of me making the polymer clay studs... All new and unique colors. I mix all the colors by hand so there won't be two exactly the same.

You can buy these earrings in my shop!

Sanding the polymer clay after the oven.

Adding lacquer after sanding.

yes, it's a toilet paper roll!
Its very handy keeping them earrings upright while drying.


Moustache and dinosaur brooch

Today I added some new items to my Etsy shop! The cute dinosaur brooch and the whimsical moustaches! Movember is coming soon and I am fully working to update my shop. I am also working on new unique colors for my stud earring collection (pictures soon!) :)


Pictures from the attic

I was working on a camp in Räyskälä this week. The old building had an attic... it was very dark and old! Felt like no one had been there in 10 years (and judging from the amount of dust...) So I went there to take some pictures because I just adore creepy places like that. Here's a peek of what it was like!

Small windows and only a little light getting in.
Feeling in the room was  awesome.

This is one of my favorite pictures for now.

I love the pattern on the old glass door.

I love old doors. They're kind of creepy.
This picture could've been a little lighter,
but I didnt want to photoshop it.

Old wood on the floor...

One of the glasses on the old glass doors.

Just loved the 90's watergun :D

Wooden floors were bent and crooked.

I found this old key and wanted to photograph it...
Placed it on the window with the dead flies.


Photographing flowers on my balcony

Every time someone buys a new camera and a macro lens, they try out photographing flowers. This is how mine turned out! Did some photoshopping too, so not all au naturel.

Pictures are definately one of my favorite inspiration sources.

I used a white baking paper on the background to get it all white.