Pictures from the attic

I was working on a camp in Räyskälä this week. The old building had an attic... it was very dark and old! Felt like no one had been there in 10 years (and judging from the amount of dust...) So I went there to take some pictures because I just adore creepy places like that. Here's a peek of what it was like!

Small windows and only a little light getting in.
Feeling in the room was  awesome.

This is one of my favorite pictures for now.

I love the pattern on the old glass door.

I love old doors. They're kind of creepy.
This picture could've been a little lighter,
but I didnt want to photoshop it.

Old wood on the floor...

One of the glasses on the old glass doors.

Just loved the 90's watergun :D

Wooden floors were bent and crooked.

I found this old key and wanted to photograph it...
Placed it on the window with the dead flies.