DIY Easy candle holders

This tutorial shows how to make really easy and nice looking candle holders! These are also easy to make with children. 

Glasses that fit a small candle inside them easily (recycled are great!)
Basic glue (I use Erikeeper)
Sea salt

I used these materials.

This kind of a glass is perfect for a candle holder.
I bought this for 0,20 euros in a recycling center. 

Paint some glue on the glass with the brush and then drop the seasalt on top the glue.
It is better to use a lot of glue so the seasalt sticks well.
You can also make different patterns, such as stripes or hearts.

Let the glasses dry well so the glue becomes transparent,
then roll the glasses gently in your hand to drop of the excess salt off.

Drop the candle inside and voila! Ready to use :)