Ofelia market is coming 8.12!

Ofelia market is turning 5 years this year. Its a lovely, small market in the heart of Helsinki. Admission is free and the seller spots are around 50-60 euros. It is held in the Kulttuuri Areena Gloria

This year I am going there with someone I got to know from The Finland Handcrafters Team in Etsy. It's great to get to know new people trough those Teams. She also makes some polymer clay items, aswell as scarfs etc. I will be bringing my polymer clay jewelry and some new items. Hopefully I will have lots of zipper pulls with me this year! 

Ofelia market; Arts and crafts and second hand treasures
8.12.2013 sunday from 12-19.


Here are some pictures Google found for me with the keyword 'ofelia market'