Recycling catalogs and postcards

So the last few days I have been working on doing some envelopes, bookmarks and pillow boxes. They turned out really great and I will be using them to package items sold in Nellin Shoppi.  My mother brought me a bag of some old fashion catalogs, old postcards and all her remaining craft materials so I have plenty of new papers and scraps to use. 

First I started making bookmarks from her old postcards. I glued 3 pieces of postcard per one bookmark so they're very sturdy and will be good for a long time. These are not totally ready yet, as I will attach some strings and whatnot to them. I love how she had things like Spock from Star Trek, Old Metallica postcard, some old X-mas cards and artsy cards too. The price for one bookmark will be 5 euros + mailing cost. Here is how they look now:

Cards recycled to be bookmarks.
Still missing a few finishing touches.  Love the variety.
Including: Metallica, snowy forest, Spock, etc.


I started making the envelopes from the catalog paper. I will mail all my bookmarks to customers in these lovely recycled envelopes. I actually opened one old envelope and drew my model from that. It was easy and fun making these envelopes and because the paper in the catalogs is very good quality, they make the perfect packages for my items. 

All the envelopes I made in one day. There's 50+ 

These are my favorites.

These are fun because there is a person in the picture. 

Also made some small envelopes to put my personal notes in
and coupon codes etc for the customers. 

Here is an example of how I will pack the bookmarks.
This one has a polymer clay cat bookmark inside. 

Then I wanted to make some pillow boxes that will fit my white A6 size cardboard box. I intend to use the pillow boxes to any jewelry that fits in them: mostly earrings. if it won't fit, then I will pack them to something else but I want to make pretty packaging for my customers. 

Stack of pillow boxes I made yesterday.

One of my favorite pillow boxes.

I also recycled my own test prints that I had saved up from making my printable cards.
They are perfect for these packages!