How to get featured in blogs

How I got featured in blogs... How I got the idea about getting into some blogs came to me when I was featured in this blog and it brought me many views: Polymerionline

My featured item in polymerionline blog

So the last few weeks I have been working really hard to get some exposure in different blogs. Items in Nellin Shoppi are mostly ment for women and they're cute, whimsical and funny so I needed to find my target group (women). 

I started this project by searching the blog teams in Etsy because it is a good place to start!

I found and joined these teams:

I found many bloggers who are looking for a shop to feature without any costs. That means a free blog post about you and your shop, without any giveaway or ad space purchase. Still I think it is good to be a little picky about what kind of blog you want to be featured in. As a visual person I want my items to be featured only in blogs that I think look good. 

Here is a list of questions I got asked most. It is a good thing to think about these if you're planning to contact any bloggers.

- Background / Tell us a little about yourself
- What do you create/offer in your Etsy shop / What is your creative speciality
- When/How did you start your Etsy shop 
- Where do you find your inspiration 
- Any advice for people starting their own shop 
- Tell us about your creative process
- What is your favorite item and why
- Your other links (twitter, Fb, etc.)
- What is your next project
- Is Etsy your only job
- Are you attending any art shows
- What is your creative speciality

I contacted all the bloggers suitable for my needs via etsy convo. Most people answered within a day or two so it was very quick. They sent me questions and I could ask about their blog numbers and everything else I wanted to know. All of them are very nice people and most of them have their own Etsy shop too. I also decided to do one 20 dollar giveaway and one item feature in a little bit bigger blogs (but they're not out yet!). 

It's been about two weeks now and my shop has been featured in these blogs:

I am still waiting for some more blog posts and the giveaway and a review. My review item is already on it's way to Bulgaria. 

I am also interested in doing reviews and features, so if you're interested just contact me.

Thanks for reading my blog!