Craft fair coming!

Nellin Shoppi is joining a craft fair Kädentaitomessut Helsinki in a bit over two weeks (8.9-9.9). I just decided that I want to take part in a fair and contacted them asking if there is any spots left. As it happened they had one 7 squaremeter spot and I took it. Bye bye lots of money for the spot! Also i got my friend to join me for the fair so it is more fun to sell and plan together!

 Now I am in the making of many, many and many more bookmarks for the fair. I will also make some jewelry. I was supposed to be able to work whole three weeks, but I got a really nice surprise!

I'm all about making the craft stand by hand because I can't afford to rent any suplies or tables... So I was looking for some inspiration:

Putinki contacted me and asked me to work for them because their graphic designer is sick and away for two weeks. Yesterday was my first day and it was a lot of fun. So now I have a little less time to work on my fair products but I will manage to make enough items, I am confident. It's just going to be a hard two weeks working evenings and weekends on top of a regular day job! 

I have also been offering my crafts to various places and so far I have gotten three resellers (YAAAY!):

Sorry for the short post today and thanks for reading!