20 cats necklace, custom anniversary jewelry

I just love taking custom orders! 

I think it is so much fun to poke my brain around and wonder how to design something based on the customers needs. Usually I make 2-3 designs to get the end result that I end up with.  This spring has been good for me in the sense that quite many people have asked custom works from me. Usually the contacts come trough my Facebook page. 

A man contacted me about a custom design necklace for his wife. They have been together for 20 years, so he wanted to remember the wife with something unique. He has ordered things from me before, so he also knows my style pretty well. I suggested to make him a necklace with 20 different flowers (kind of like bouquet) made from polymer clay. His wife LOVES cats so he asked me to change the flowers into cats. So I needed to make a necklace with twenty different cats - one for each year they've been together. Absolutely  lovely idea, but proved more challenging than I first imagined!

I actually redid the idea three times before I got to the result I was happy with!

The necklace has twenty different color cat beads.
All in the shades of black, white and gray.

Life isn't straightforward, so I mixed the different
color beads and cats...

It's so much fun how the cats go up on
the other side and down on the other...