Restaurant day happening; Cafe TriiNelli

Restaurant day 18.5.2013 is a big happening where anyone can create their own restaurant for one day. Usually I just go and eat in other peoples places but this time is different! I am making my own restaurant with my good friend Triin. We are going to sell home cooked food in her lovely home in Espoo.

Anyone can register a restaurant at the Restaurant Day homepage. I was so happy to realize that making my own event is so easy! Over 300 restaurants have already signed for the event. Most of my time is going to planning the menu with my friend Triin. So far we have come up with:

Creamy salmon soup
Spicy chicken soup
Overcooked pork sandwich
Shrimp sandwich
Salmon pie
Feta-spinach pie

Milkshake (blueberry, vanilla, chokolate)
Chokolate cookie
Chokolate muffin
Lemon muffin
Date cake

Drinks: Tea, coffee, juice

We made a happening in Facebook for our restaurant! Were stocking up for 100 customers so I really hope were gonna get just as many. I am looking forward to cooking and having lots of fun around new people. It's going to be great!

Here is also the happening on Restaurant day pages!

I hope to see you there :)
Sorry for the lack of pictures, i hope to be taking some next week! :D

Restaurant day homepage
Restaurant day in Facebook