Me and my rescue

I love my dog!

Meet Kaveri, our mixbreed rescue dog. 

He came to us from Russia. Someone had abandoned him and luckily he was found by some nice russian people who took care of him. A few months later he came to us trough a friend who works as a volunteer with rescue dogs. He was approximately 9 months old when we got him, so a playful little puppy!

This is Galina who rescued him and brought him to us. Thank you Galina :)

He was so small and big eared :D

He has been my dog now for 1,5 years. During that time I have come to realize how many unwanted dogs there are in the world. I have started following Koiran Elämää in Facebook and the amount of dog pictures just tear a hole in my heart. They're all so cute and deserve a home. Often the organisations have money issues (because they run on donated money) and they need help to feed the dogs. I have donated food a few times already and tomorrow I will donate Nellin Shoppi items for lottery winnings to a organisation Kodittomien koirien ystävät ry. I think this kind of helping is small, but in the end it is what keeps the organisations running. 

Winter clothing :)

So cute!

He was running free when we went to our summer holiday. Such a happy little doggy :)

If you would like to donate to some of these organisations, here's a few links. Even a small amount of money, or a bag of dog food helps! 

And the rescue dogs thank you :)