Vectoring flowers

So I decided to create a small collection of flowers for my personal use. I made a few different flower designs and one goldfish for fun. I started out with gathering inspirational pictures and created a mood board. Then I picked the colors straight from that board and made a color collection. After that I picked a few different ways of creating flowers from drawn and real pictures. 


Color collection 

This is how I made the flowers to vectors:

First I picked a nice flower picture.

Then I Photoshopped the flower into black and white design using levels and contrast.
Finally I turned it  into Indexed colors to make sure there are no shades of grey, but only black and white.
Then I vectored the picture in Illustrator and colored it. 

Made from my drawing

Spring green works nicely with this flower.

This flower is my favorite. 

I really like these hippie colors!

This flower is more delicate.

This is Harvey the goldfish! Imagine a pair of rubber boots with a goldfish pattern, it would be awesome!